Where are the items shipping from?

Currently our studio is in Paris, France. We ship all our items from there. We are moving to Australia soon and therefore we will keep you updated when we are able to ship from there.

How long does shipping usually take?

Be sure to check the product page or check out page for the production time associated with your Goldie Paris item. 

We are a small business and we care about the environment so our items are mostly made to order, which means if it is not indicated that the item is in stock, the production times will be 3-4 weeks. Then, shipping time is usually 3 days.

Once it’s ready, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email where you can find your tracking number to follow your order on its journey to you!

How does it work for international orders? 

We currently consider international orders any orders placed outside of France.

  • Prices and shipping fees for international orders do not include Import and Customs Duties, Value Added Taxes (VAT), tariffs, brokerage or other fees that may be levied by the destination country. Goldie Paris is not responsible for these fees, nor for Customs-related delivery delays.
  • If the customer refuses delivery due to government-required costs from the destination country, incurred costs to return the package to sender are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • The order recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws, regulations and restrictions of the destination country.

Are the diamonds real? 

Absolutely, yes, oui, 100% yes.

Our diamonds are real. they are just more conscious with less environmental damages and significant advantages for our planet.   


Will it tarnish?

Never. We only use solid gold, which is real gold. Which mean it's not plated, not filled. It's real gold that will never tarnish, it won't oxidize or discolor, it's  waterproof you can wear it all day everyday for a really long time and pass it on to new generations. 

Can I wear my jewelry at the gym?

Our collections are designed to be worn and made for real life. That means you can wear it at the gym, at the supermarket, while traveling, you can shower with it, you can cook with it, work with it , you do you!

However be mindful that we can't control what happens at the gym and depending on what you  do things might break. We can't be responsible for any of that but your jewelry won't lose its spark of you sweat in it.   

What is a lab grown diamond and can you tell the difference with a mined diamond?

You can't, they are identical. They are just as beautiful and durable as mined diamonds without the human and environmental consequences of mining. Lab-made diamonds are chemically and optically identical to a mined diamond. They have the same thermal and electrical conductivity as mined diamonds. Meaning they are just as beautiful and durable as mined diamonds without the human and environmental consequences of mining.

Can you tell me more about your materials?

We work with 14k & 18k solid recycled gold and high quality lab-grown diamonds to ensure each piece is conflict-free and ethical. Our supplier In India is certified by industry standards and each piece is ethically made with love. Our conscious diamonds are also IGI & HRD certified. Our gold and diamonds are real, conflict free, environmental friendly, ethically and ecologically sustainable. And because we know lab-grown diamonds require energy, we try our best to take care of our planet, for each order received, we plant a tree. We are far from perfect but we are definitely working on it as we grow.