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Goldie Paris Jewelry

E-Gift Card- Goldie Paris

E-Gift Card- Goldie Paris

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Our E-Gift card never expires. 

The gift card will arrive at your email address, provided in "contact" instantly.

You can then forward this email to the lucky human and they will be able to redeem the code provided in the email. 


The email looks like this 



and the gift card looks like this: 



Our Promise

Our promise is to provide you with the best quality jewelry, that can last for as long as possible. We have tested, worn and tried every single item and put them to the "real life" test.

We work with 14k solid gold (90% recycled) and lab grown diamonds to ensure that diamonds are conflict-free and ethical. Each item is handmade by our supplier and main manufacturer, who is certified by top leading industry standards in terms or quality, social compliance and environment.

Please note that some items may be very slightly different than the picture due to the nature of the craft.

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